• Jennifer Lyon
    Professional Organizer
  • “After being in business for several years as a solo entreprenuer I had exhausted my ability to do different pieces of the business myself and it took hours and hours. If you are busy out in the field doing your work, the behind the scenes pieces can fall to the ground. When things are slow you feel the weight of all the things that aren’t getting done. Things like your website, your marketing efforts, networking, etc. Belinda helped me as I handed over my long checklist. One by one she would troubleshoot each issue with me. I so appreciated the progress we made together!”

  • Christina Larson
    Owner & Principal
  • “I start every year thinking how to resolve business issues that aggravate me. One of those issues was developing and sending a blog/newsletter. I was completely stumped and needed help.

    Thank heavens I was referred to Belinda. She asked me to list ALL the things aggravating me about my business. She helped me set up a plan and we then clicked through the resolutions.

    Belinda is amazing! She has extensive business and computer skills and highly skilled resources. She developed a blog/newsletter format that I love. While working together, she discovered many links on my website were not working. She fixed them all. And, my website needed to be rebuilt and she had a fabulous resource who took care of it. Belinda communicated with him and I was saved the time and torment.

    In addition, my software systems connecting my CRM, email and document storage were not current, creating daily operational problems. Belinda referred me to a wonderful computer specialist who brought me into the 21st century. My day to day operations are so much more efficient, easy and secure.

    Every time I have a business or computer issue, my husband says ‘have you called Belinda?’ She is delightful to work with and her knowledge and efficiency are amazing. I don’t know what I’d do without her.”


  • Bob Wiesner
  • “Belinda has been an invaluable asset.  Smart, thorough, proactive. And very efficient. Belinda gets things done, making my professional life a whole lot easier.”

  • Rosalind Joffe
  • “Working with you is a pleasure Belinda. Although you’re quick study, you’re also thorough. I feel confident that when I turn something over to you, I’ll get the result I want. And when it’s not spot on (which has been rare), you’re always ready to have that discussion.

    I trust your aesthetic, your business sense and your honestly. Knowing that I have you in my back pocket has given me the courage to take on projects that I was afraid to try. Thank you for being in the business of supporting people like me.”

  • Michelle Morris, CFP, EA
    Fee-only Financial Planner
  • “Belinda the RocketGirl is the reason I have a newsletter that actually arrives in people’s inboxes and exists on the internet.

    I have lots of ideas and I can write. I’d like to think I am a woman of many talents. But I have a very contentious relationship with technology. Just looking at Constant Contact’s edit mode gives me a headache and as for posting something to my blog, HA, that is not happening unless Belinda does it. Every month I send her the text and voilà- she makes my newsletter happen in Constant Contact, posts it on LinkedIn, and puts it on my blog. All with efficient good cheer. When I dream up an idea to add a whole new section to the newsletter, boom, she says “yes of course we can do that”. And when somebody emails me to say a link is broken on my website, boom, she fixes it.

    And she’s just plain fun to work with. Get Belinda-fied, you won’t regret it.”

  • Diane Spadola
    Owner and Principal Artist
  • “Before working with Belinda, and even though I had been working as a solo for ten years, I was frustrated with anything that demanded technical support. But after just a few sessions with Belinda, she had removed the confusion and overwhelm I felt. She is efficient, focused, explains things easily, and knows her stuff. And she’s fun to work with too.

    Belinda is a consummate professional who works at “rocket speed,” with the perfect blend of business management skills and technology smarts. When it comes to things that are important in my business, I trust her advice, judgment, and “work product!”

  • Megan Micola
    Independent Consultant
  • “I strongly recommend Belinda as public speaker, or manager of your business. She is authentic, and to the point, adding a huge asset to your marketing plan and strategy.”

  • Justine Daunis
    Executive Leadership Coach
  • “As a new business owner in this 24/7 connected world, I needed someone that is trustworthy, and that would take the reins and make it happen. Belinda did that and so much more! She identified my needs, shared thought provoking ideas, added creative flair, provided marketing insight and positioned the business for success. She is easy to work with, responsive and deemed as an invested partner.”

  • Les Gore
    Managing Partner
  • “Belinda Wasser has been a valued and trusted business partner to our firm for a number of years. She is there for you at a moment’s notice and consistently delivers a product of high quality and value. I am pleased to give Belinda and the work she does the highest recommendation.”

  • Patricia Marlin
  • “Belinda did a great presentation to the Working Womens Forum (www.workingwomensforum.net) last week. Her topic of 7 Mistakes Small Business Owners make was professional, informative and entertaining. The crowd of 40 plus women were very engaged and had very favorable comments about the presentation. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and helping us to all grow personally and professionally!”

  • Mo Lanier
  • “Belinda is always there when I need her. We’ve developed a great working relationship and half the time she’s a step ahead of me anticipating my needs. It makes my work so much easier.”

  • Robyn Kievit Kirkman
    Nutrition Expert
  • “I sought out Belinda’s help for a full revamp of my website and help with small business pieces. I cannot say or write enough positive things about her work and approach. She understood my business model and how important my clients are to me in my work. She organized the entire process of my new and improved website. Belinda also helped me to create a better and informative newsletter and helped get many other pieces of my work organized (contact lists, newsletter content). I will continue to work with her as a consultant for years and would highly recommend her work, services, & knowledge.”

  • Evelyn Starr
    Marketing Strategist and Writer for Brands in Adolescence
  • “Belinda’s passion for well-designed WordPress websites and meticulous nature shone when she managed the development and execution of my new website. Her work and communication were thorough, considerate, and mindful of my budget. I was glad to have her on my team!”

  • Helen Cooke
    Executive Coach/Founder
  • “Belinda has been a fantastic resource. For a recent complex client project requiring a quick turnaround, she was responsive, organized, flexible, and a pleasure to work with – exactly what I needed! Belinda is a great business partner to turn to when you can’t do it all yourself or, more importantly, you recognize your time is better spent elsewhere. I recommend her highly!”

  • Martha Freymann Miser
    Founder and President
  • “Working with Belinda has changed my business, my practice and my life! In a short space of time – and at a reasonable cost – Belinda upgraded my technology, installed a new email system, and designed and implemented a beautiful new website. I continue to rely on Belinda for all my business needs, big and small. She’s smart, speedy, creative, practical, and just plain delightful to work with. And if she can’t help you, she has an array of equally competent resources she can call on to address any particular issue. I am a huge fan of RocketGirl Solutions!”

  • Brad Howe
  • “Belinda is aptly identified as “RocketGirl.” Her creative approaches have been followed by immediate lift-off in execution during her engagements for me. Her high energy generates high urgency, and she’s so easy to work with that we partnered very effectively in quickly coming up with ideas and solutions.”

  • Michael Katz
    Chief Penguin
  • “Belinda Wasser is one part genius, one part visionary and one part relentless task master. Her ability to take my germ of an idea and turn it into a thriving web site with tangible results was astounding. She worked faster and better than I ever could have on my own and her innate gift for anticipating and solving operational hurdles before her clients are even aware of them is uncanny. Her passion, speed and obsession with getting it right make her a pleasure to work with. My only regret is not having hired her sooner.”

  • Jim Quinlivan
    Content Marketing Partners
  • “I bought a RocketGirl Debit Card – and I’m glad I did.  Belinda took on projects that stretched both her and me, used her talent and network, and provided me with quality finished work. The Debit Card is a very convenient way to buy services, and I certainly got my money’s worth! I definitely plan to buy another one again soon.”

  • Alexa Miller
    Founder & Consultant in Arts and Clinical Learning
  • “I can’t recommend the RocketGirl Debit card highly enough for any small business owner. This service has helped me deal with operational issues immediately, as they come up, and to be able to learn from Belinda’s organizational wizardry along the way. Belinda is trustworthy, a breeze to work with, and has the strongest logic-brain I have ever encountered in a person! Not only has this service saved my business time and money and kept my projects on-track, it has been a tremendous weight off my shoulders and a learning experience.”

  • Stephen Lahey
  • “Belinda brought a lot small business wisdom to my humble podcast. Having been in operations roles for years managing complex projects, and then running a retail business online, she has developed a business process perspective that’s unique – and very powerful. If you want to bring order to your small business, then you need to call Belinda. It’s that simple.”

  • Elizabeth Tice
    President & Owner
  • “Belinda is outstanding! She is positive, thorough, interesting and full of innovative ideas to make a business thrive to perfection. Specifically, she assisted me with managing databases and social media–a necessity for a small company desiring to establish a presence online. In addition, she provided guidance on marketing campaigns which had a high success and open rate. Also a skill is knowledge of website design, helping start-ups grow by managing the necessities of getting a business off the ground. I highly recommend her as knowledgeable, easy to work with, a good listener and a business counselor.”

  • Richard Cohen
    Founder and Director
  • “Belinda was a crucial factor in making my webinars successful. She helped me get organized, handled the logistics, and expertly managed all the technical aspects (of which there are quite a few) while I conducted the events. And as a bonus, she is warm and a delight to work with! I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

  • Colleen Kelly
  • “Belinda is one of the most organized and upbeat people I know. She is bright, talented, very creative and can turn any disorganized business into a streamline rocket ship poised to take off making wonderful sales. Her technological skills are an asset to any organization along with her “can do” attitude.”

  • Betsy Harper
  • “I know what I do well and what I don’t do well. Project managing a website redesign for my company clearly falls into the second category. Making the decision to hire Belinda was easy as her personality is so pleasant, I knew we’d work together well. What delighted me is how easy she made the whole process; from selecting the right vendors, to decisions about the site structure, to a great look and feel for the site. I couldn’t be more pleased. I have a great new website that’s getting terrific results. I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

  • Will Richmond
    Editor and Publisher
  • “Belinda Wasser gets it done. We brought her in to manage the backend of a tradeshow and she handled it flawlessly. Gathering speaker bios, managing our graphic designer, handling all the logistical minutiae, you name it. She made us look good!

    If you’ve got a detail-filled, fast-paced project with lots of moving parts, look no further. Belinda Wasser is what you need.”

  • Ken O'Quinn
    Writing Coach, Corporate Writing Workshop Trainer
  • “As a business owner, I rely heavily on experts who provide essential support services, and Belinda Wasser, at RocketGirl Solutions, is among them. I needed Belinda to manage the technology behind a webinar, and she was terrific from start to finish. Her expertise and guidance were impressive, allowing me to focus on the presentation and not worry about technical issues.”

  • Franklin Jonath
  • “Belinda has excellent diagnostic skills coupled with a deep expertise that leads to practical solutions as well as the requisite leadership skills to help guide people through the implementation stage.

    Belinda is a real pro. She gets you and gets it done.”

  • Jean Gogolin
  • “It would be hard to imagine anyone more capable than Belinda – or more fun to work with! I recommend her wholeheartedly.”

  • Elaine Hackney
    Former Owner
  • “Talk about a great way to make things happen! Belinda is a technical wiz and an astute business person. Her personal direction and technological assistance with my emails and enewsletters saves me so much time and effort. That means I get my communications out to my customers faster, easier and a right-on-time basis. It makes a huge difference with my never ending TO DO list.”

  • Will Fulton
  • “Belinda is a non-stop ball of energy.  She set up our office in record time. Computers, phones, financials and more.  She’s capable and she’s passionate about getting it right down to the last detail.”

  • David Harris
  • “I worked with Belinda in her former role as company COO.  She was energized and dedicated and astonishingly effective as a manager of internal operations of the company.

    Highly recommended.”

  • Julia Beck
  • “Belinda’s a true visionary with a keen ability for flawless execution.  She has a sharp eye for the big picture and I remain in awe of her ability to stay on course and stay committed and focused, despite distractions, upheaval and the inevitable changes that occur over the course of any large project.  And she’s a pleasure to work with! – her care and grace come through in all she does.”