Great Press – It’s Not What You Think

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Last Tuesday morning, my friend and colleague Michael Katz emailed me, “You’re in an article on – check out this link!”

I clicked, read the article and squealed with delight. Michael had been interviewed and was nice enough to talk about my business. There are few things more exciting than being famous, even for just one day!

The first time this ever happened to me (it was the NY Times) I thought for sure it was going to change my life forever – and my business too. I braced myself for all the things I believed would happen. I thought, “This is going to be amazing!”

But you know what happened instead? Nothing. Chances are very high that nothing will happen this time, too. Don’t worry though – I’m not Debbie Downer! Great press rarely leads to instant success, but there are ways to maximize your 15 minutes of fame:

Here’s what I did:

1. I texted my family and friends with a link to the article.

2. I posted it on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

3. I updated my bio on my website with a mention.

4. I updated the press page on my website with a link to the article.

5. I mentioned it in my newsletter (that you’re reading right now!).

The result? The people I already know and those who follow me read the article! Not only was it fun to be congratulated by so many of you, it’s an easy way to stand out and strengthen your brand among people who matter the most for your business success.

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